Yes, Organic Food Does Taste Great!

We were once told, “You know I’m not really into this organic stuff. Its just that your food tastes so good I buy it.” And it does.

Today we are facing even greater issues and decisions. Mankind has now reached a point of time in development where we must face and make decisions that will determine the very existence of our species. We can no longer continue to control, manipulate and abuse the environment without facing dire consequences that cannot be reversed.

As we sit at the crossroads we must decide whether we accept our humble place in this world and begin to work and live co-operatively with all things, including our environment, or whether we continue with our arrogant, dominate, destructive modes and the resulting consequences.

Organic farming depends on working in a way that respects and encourages all parts of the whole to work in unison. When a problem occurs this means something is out of balance and this is corrected by rebalancing the system.


Conventional farming works by finding the best way to reduce the workload and expenditure and increase the production and income. Consideration for the consumer and the environment is certainly secondary to these criteria, and usually only considered when it threatens or means reduced income. It is a farming practice that seeks to control and dominate the environment.

With the increasing awareness of environmental pollution and consumer resistance to food grown with chemicals, conventional farmers are looking for ways to resolve this. Rather than change their mode of thinking they continue to look for methods of control and disrespect of life forms. Genetic engineering is one such method.

Avoid being part of this worldwide experiment with its unknown and irreversible consequences. Choose to support and respect the environment and its people now, before it’s too late, and we have destroyed everything that was once held dear and precious, including ourselves.

Mankind now has the knowledge; but will we have wisdom to use this knowledge wisely to honour and enhance life instead of destroying it? Eating organically is definitely a step in the right direction, and if enough of us make this commitment, collectively we will make the difference.

At this stage all NZ’s organically produced food is GE-free. The only way it can remain so is if we do not introduce GMOs into our environment. Coexistence between organic and GE farming practices can only occur when a tolerance level of unintentional GE contamination is accepted.

Already many of our conventional foods contain GE ingredients. Organic foods do not. Unless of course they come from a country already growing GE crops such as America, where widespread GE contamination is now occurring and organic standards have been altered to allow for this.

So let’s make sure we keep NZ’s organic food 100% GE-free by showing our absolute commitment to preserving this country’s GE-free status, and let’s also preserve our health and the future or our nation by insisting on eating organics.

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