Why Eat Organics?

For many years now food has been grown by spraying poisons on it to stop diseases, insect damage and to kill weeds. Washing and peeling our food no longer gets rid of these unwanted poisons because today’s sprays can’t be washed or peeled off. They are systemic. This means the poisons are inside the food also, not just on the outside. Peeling and washing no longer work. When we eat this food we ingest poisons.

The earth is suffering terribly from this way of farming and so are we. Waterways are becoming polluted and soils barren.

Cancer is on the increase.

What can we do about it?

How can we stop it?

Your choice to eat organic food is one step closer to a healthier world. You not only will be helping support the earth but by improving your own health you will encourage others to do likewise.

Can you afford it?

The question really is, can you afford not to?

You have the choice. Eating organic food means eating healthy balanced food produced from carefully nutured soil. Eating poisoned food means eating depleted food, ingesting poisons and abusing the earth in the process. In other words ignoring the consequences today and paying for them later, hoping later never comes. But it does.

We need healthy food to make us and keep us healthy. Organic food has more minerals, more enzymes, more vitality. It is nutritionally superior and it is not genetically engineered. Eating organic food means improved health, reduced medical bills and supplements, and a future for our children and the planet.

Try organic food – you will be amazed at the difference.