From 10 to 100 people


An Incredible Menu of Nutritious + Plant-based Whole foods

Clean Food is a holistic catering company that focuses on healthy plant based meals.
Most of us will agree that we must all take action on both a personal and corporate level to improve our health and environment. Fortunately, more and more, we are seeing a growing trend in organisations making conscious business decisions that work towards the betterment of our society and environment.
Providing a plant-based menu at your events is another “conscious decision” your organisation can implement. Giving your staff, members and/or clients healthy meals have been proven to :
• increase productivity
• improve cognitive function
• and elevate mood
Here at Clean Food, we want to help you help your staff, members and clients.
We are experienced in providing delicious plant-based, whole foods for corporate, team building events, conferences, weddings and community events.
It is our goal to provide our clients with the best quality product by supporting local businesses and farmers whenever possible and commit to environmentally responsible practices throughout the course of everyday business.
We can bring our Clean Food Kitchen to you where we provide fresh, delicious hearty meals on site.

Sample Menus 
Vege Wrap Box  $12
Tortilla filled with hummus vegetable pieta + seasonal salad then lightly toasted.
*Gluten free option $2
Roast Vege Box  $14
Seasonal vegetables – slow roasted, tossed greens, green beans, semi dried tomatoes, pickled lemon, toasted seeds, and edible flowers drizzled with a sesame orange dressing.
Hot Box  $14
Four bean gumbo slowly cooked served on organic brown rice + red quinoa topped with pea and coriander pesto.
Hot Soup  $ 7
A delicious warming soup of the day.
Dessert Box  $12
A medley of chocolate kumara cake, raw apple strudel, coconut macaroon (chocolate dipped) served with raspberry coulis and vanilla cashew cream sweetened with coconut nectar.
Hot Spiced Chai (Made with coconut and almond milk  *dairy and caffeine free)  $5
Coconut Water  $4
Cold Pressed Juices  $8
Purple As: Beetroot, Apple, Ginger
Tumeric Baby:  Carrot, Apple, Parsley and Turmeric
Green Dream: Spinach, Kale, Parsley, Cabbage, Apple and Dates

Finger Food Entree

Shooters, soup or juice
Pea fritters topped with goodies
Quinoa fingers
Sunflower seed pate nori roll
Thai sweet potato cake
Dehydrated stuffed mushrooms
Not a devil on horseback prune wrapped in zucchini
Falafel with topping
Beetroot hummus on almond herb cracker
Roasted kumara sliders
Vege mini wraps
Nori rolls with a twist
Vietnamese rice paper rolls
Soups warm or cold


Cauliflower steaks crumbed in quinoa, black sesame, and coconut, pan fried topped with a Thai curry sauce
Chickpea curry served with brown organic jasmine rice
Kumara fillets slow roasted ,topped with a not tomato sauce olives a dukkah
Barley or brown rice pumpkin risotto
Black eyed bean Indian curry ,spiced poppadums, cauliflower rice
Veggie thai red curry served with jasmine rice
Fresh veggie lasagna
Mushroom manchurian
Stir fry green curry veggie
Turkish mousaka
Works burger with quinoa kale patties

Salads and Vegetables

Roast veggie salad
Super green salad
Not fried rice salad
Gluten free pasta mingle
Caesar Vegan
Almond and carrot
Garlic green beans
Roast borscht salad
Spiralised zucchini salad
Asian lentil salad
Broccoli tabbouleh


Raw ginger slice
Banana walnut loaf
Tropical lime tart
Raw apple strudel served with coconut yogurt and fresh fruit ice cream
Vegan jelly
Not berry cheese cake
Fresh fruit ice creams
Chocolate mousse

Happy Salad Box

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Roast Beetroot Salad
Pasta with Pea and Basil Pesto
A White Bean and Butternut Pieta
Rainbow Slaw, Avocado and Lime Dressing
Roasted Chickpeas – Cumin and Tumeric
Toasted Pumpkin, Sunflower and Black Sesame Seeds
Bean Sprouts and Baby Poppadums -all topped with Black Pepper and Himalayan Salt